2017-06-27 // showpixelVR hosts workshop at Warner Music Hamburg
showpixelVR hosted a workshop at WARNERMUSIC in Hamburg to discuss the impact of VR on music industry and provide a profound understanding of the chances and boundaries of Virtual Reality to the Warner employees.


2017-08-01 // showpixelVR and Laurich & Kollegen collaborate on VR
showpixelVR and Dr Frank Laurich launched a partnership in Virtual Reality. With great competence in communication consultancy and showpixelVR’s creative approach towards one of the groundbreaking technologies of our times, showpixelVR is now able to meet the industry’s demands of both consulting and production in VR.



2017-08-07 // showpixelVR workshop for top clients
ShowpixelVR invited a number of select decision makers from real estate, healthcare and marketing experts to join a workshop at the Phoenixhof in Hamburg.
„The response within the clients has been enormous and gives proof of the high quality and priority that is put on VR in industry and services, brand development and training as well“, says Dr Frank Laurich.